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Who is classM ?

In developing countries, the integration into the local economic fabric is a key factor in the success of a business project. However, targeting local integration generates strong operational challenges.

classM experts address our customers’ operational challenges in Africa by studying, designing and implementing local business solutions.

These solutions let you develop new growth drivers whilst controlling your costs, as well as your social and environmental impact.

Working with classM will improve your attractiveness, your overall impact, and your operations efficiency, allowing your teams to focus on their core business.

A company’s activities generate needs, themselves sources of business opportunities. classM job is to structure local activities and services, which benefit from these opportunities and produce according to international quality standards, are reliable and respect the deadlines.

classM links people to formal economies, therefore facilitating our customers operational integration into their environment.

This successful integration yields tangible results: new market gains, local procurement savings, significant safety and human resources impacts, productivity gains, improved image and relationships with local authorities, and increased shareholder loyalty.

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