Production and distribution

classM has invested in three African subsidiaries for the production and distribution of local fruit and vegetables for local markets. In Cameroon with Agro Sourcing Logistics, in Gabon with La Clé des Champs, in Uganda and Kenya with Pure Grow Africa. This first phase of investment allows us to refine an agricultural development model in partnership with local farmers. Neither contract farming nor internalised production, our hybrid organisation is a form of cooperative. We support (and sometimes even pre-finance) farmers in setting up highly profitable production and provide them with outlets.

The three subsidiaries of classM directly employ nearly 200 people but enable thousands of farmers to sell their products. We produce and market local products (tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, cassava, watermelon, etc.) for local markets (supermarkets, catering, restaurants, hotels, street vendors). Our teams sort, package and distribute the products at international standards.

In this way, we participate in the development of African agriculture and the improvement of food security in the countries in which we operate.

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