Deployment strategy

Spie Oil & Gas Services (Spie OGS) is the international subsidiary of the European group Spie, operating in the field of services to the oil and gas industry. In the context of the revival of the oil industry in Uganda, SPIE Oil & Gas Services wished to deepen the development opportunities of its activities in the country, and more broadly in East Africa, where the company was not present. .

SPIE OGS has commissioned classM to carry out a feasibility study to better understand the market and its players, as well as to validate an implementation strategy and offer an offer adapted to the local context to differentiate.

ClassM conducted a comprehensive market analysis and proposed:

• A survey of all industries and industrial projects in Uganda
• A detailed record of current projects and possible positions of SPIE OGS
• Legal elements necessary for implementation
• A listing of all potential local partners of SPIE OGS
• An interview summary for each interviewee met with a presentation of each company encountered
• Numerical recommendations on an implementation operational strategy to be deployed, including the expectations of future clients in terms of local benefits
• A mission sheet to prepare a field trip for SPIE managers

Country: Uganda

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