Our services

classM studies, designs and implements operational solutions to enable the growth of its clients.

classM is committed to the solutions it recommends and supports their implementation.

classM supports its clients in the adoption of innovative CSR policies. The classM approach is based on an entrepreneurial mindset. It aims to promote a fair distribution of created added value.

Our model

We design operational solutions that aim for a realistic and sustainable result. classM goes beyond strategic advising and gets involved in the implementation of its recommendations. We craft solutions that are adapted to each client’s specific context:

  • Depending on the issues, we mobilize relevant expertise across all sectors
  • We offer support throughout the project cycle, from initial diagnosis to implementation
  • We design innovative business models which are adapted for the African continent
  • We focus on integrated value chains and follow a holistic approach
  • We are able to tackle atypical and complex subjects
  • We are deeply embedded in the local context, which enables us to adapt the proposed solutions to local realities.

A proven methodology: immersion

We mobilize our talents, our expertise and our deep knowledge of the African context to serve our clients’ operational needs. We are committed to making entrepreneurs and businesses succeed.

We do not just outline recommendations: we solve problems. We are active in the field every day.

The key success factors of our approach depend on our ability to understand your needs and those of the local people through:

  • A deep involvement of classM engineers in the field,
  • A geographical and sectoral network provided by entrepreneurs and experts,
  • Our open-mindedness and ability to turn a good idea into a profitable business,
  • The adherence of all classM employees to a strict code of conduct on how to work and behave.

Why work with classM ?

Our support allows your teams to focus on their core business.

By implementing local solutions, we facilitate the integration of your operations into their environment. This successful integration produces tangible results:

  • Reaching new markets,
  • Implementing local content strategies, e.g. local purchases
  • Positive spill-over effects into the safety of your assets and of human resources,
  • Crisis prevention, improved local and international reputations
  • Better relations with local authorities,
  • Shareholder loyalty,
  • Mitigation of social and environmental impacts

Ultimately, implementing a coherent and ambitious CSR strategy makes the company more attractive to all stakeholders (shareholders, customers, local authorities, etc.).

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